Social Media Marketing in 2016

Are you among those that are looking forward to elevating your customer base and audience dramatically? This can be achieved via social media marketing that utilizes leveraged content power. However, social media marketing in 2016 can be a hare task if you have little or no previous experience. Here are reliable critical tips that will be helpful this year in terms of online marketing:


An attempt to be jack-of-all trades is a ticket to a noticeable failure. Specialization is a wise strategy towards success. A highly –focused content and social media marketing outline that is aimed at building a strong brand is likely to succeed. This is not the case with broadened strategies that tries to please everyone.


Social Media Marketing

There is power in listening than endless talking. Social media marketing needs keen listening accompanied with less talking. The target audience has their content posted on various online platforms. Read their thoughts and join the discussions to have a deeper understanding of their important issues. This is the only way you will be able to create relevant content that will spark conversations.


What has been proven to trump quantity is quality in any transaction. A rational person will prefer 100 active as well as reliable customer connections as opposed to 10000 clients that connect and vanish in thin air. Quality is the bait that conventionally yields good results.


The compounding of your business information on various social media entities is solely based on the amazing quality content you publish. If you include this concern in your marketing, the clients will possibly share the content with their audience on facebook, personal blogs, LinkedIn and twitter. The more the sharing is the higher the chances of opening search engine entry points including that of Google. This is a way of ensuring uncountable worldwide online accessibility ability.


Patience pays is a cliché that is still relevant today. You must know that success does not happen overnight thus be patient with your marketing outcomes. Give your targets reasonable timing that is in line with your marketing roadmap.


The step of content publication has to be followed by availability. You have to be available to your audience. Please publish the relevant content and avail yourself for conversation participation. Do not risk losing your online followers by mere disappearance.


Online influencers in the target market are a tool you should never ignore. They usually have quality audiences who might be interested in your services, products and business in general. They are a gem to connect to and build a healthy relationship with them. You might be in front of a new and huge audience if they find you to be a useful content source.


Add value to your content instead of pure focusing on your service and product promotion. The focus has to shift from mere conversations to developing strong links with online influencers and creation of quality content. These personalities will aid you online and word of mouth marketing.

Reciprocity and acknowledgement

Anyone that reaches you should not be ignored. They deserve acknowledgement in person. In addition, reciprocity is a secrete tool. People usually scratch your back if you do the same. share their content and they will share yours.

Brand Marketing Ideas For Fitness

Branding for trainers

If you want to make your fitness gymnasium popular, therefore, it is important that you make trainers visible and highlight their experience and areas of expertise. Build their profiles on your website and help them build personal brands as well. By so doing, you will attract a lot of clients to join your fitness program.

Make videos and post them on social sites

Videos are among the most visible content online. Therefore, record the best videos of clients and trainers at work. You can record instructional videos, testimonials, events or competitions. People need to see what is happening. The performance, the quality of training and resources captured in the video will lure people to your fitness training center.

Make your profile visible

In most cases, people don’t know the owner of their fitness training facility. Other than knowing the instructor or the person at the reception desk, clients need to know who the owner of the fitness facility is. Let people know who you are, what you do and how they can meet you in when they want.  It’s also a great idea to have a catchy slogan like the 8 week shred diet plan or  14 Day Slim down.

Provide meal plans:

People come to fitness centers to get rid of excess fat or stay fit. However, some get frustrated on the way when they realize nothing is changing. They do not know what food to eat or not to eat. Therefore, ensure that you provide your clients with a proper meal plan that will go hand in hand with their training. You can also post the meals plans on your website. People who will visit your site will know that your business care about the health and the well-being of you client as opposed to collecting the membership dues.

Manage your reputation

fitness marketing

Most fitness centers and gymnasium do struggle to maintain a good reputation. Ensure that you scrape off everything that can haunt the image and the reputation of your gymnasium. Clients need to be attended and handled as they deserve. By so doing, you will enlarge the community of people enrolling in your training center.

Know your brand

Brand awareness is the most important thing that you need to focus on the most. Since you are building a relationship with your clients, you need to have a strong sense of self. Think of your band as a person with the soul, mind and body. Understanding your brand is the most thing when it comes to connecting with clients.

Go social

Today, social media is one of the best marketing tools ever. Therefore, publish relevant content about your fitness training facility on the major social sites such as facebook, twitter Pinterest among others. Make sure to communicate in a way that reinforces your brand.

Feature the best fitness trainee every week or month

You need to make your members feel special by featuring them a member of the week or month in your social account or website. People need to be recognized when they fare well in their duties. Appreciate them by posting their videos and photos to your business website or social account. By so doing, you will not maintain the current members, but also, you will attract new members.

Top Video Marketing Tips

Putting together an online video can take long grueling hours. Converting this struggle into marketing success may even be harder. In fact, most marketers keep off video marketing because they do not think typical visibility and exposure that such videos gain is worth all the effort demanded in creating them. For such marketers, these five top video marketing tips may come in handy. If implemented properly, they can give any video an enviable rank in the search engines, thousands of views and increased conversion.


1. Ensure the content is compelling
Before you get down to creating the video, have a good idea what interests the online community. The easiest way to get great organic growth with any video is to make it compelling to your niche audience. Good examples are ‘How to’ videos that are informative.

2. Optimize the content
It is highly likely that when making your video, you have a keyword in mind that you want the video to rank high for in the search engines. After you are done creating the video, post it on YouTube with the targeted keyword included in the video title, tags and descriptions. Posting on YouTube gives you an advantage with Google. Moreover, it is easier to rank a video highly than you would a website because there are still far fewer videos compared to websites.

3. Share your video on blogs and social media platforms
The kind of visibility your video gets is directly proportional to the efforts you invest in sharing it across various platforms. The trick here works a lot like in link building; the search engines will consider its contents powerful if they pick it on numerous websites. Posting in many websites also increases the number of unique views as well as the video’s chances of going viral.

4. Lump YouTube with professional video hosting
Posting your video on YouTube is great especially for SEO purposes. It however does have limitations in that embedding YouTube on your website gives the visitors an easy way of navigating elsewhere. Using a combination of YouTube as well as a professional video hosting service on the other hand, gives you added benefits because your visitors have an opportunity of buying your products, signing up for your mailing list thus increasing leads and sharing the video. In addition, all video shares from a professional hosting service lead back to your website further boosting your SEO and hence, your marketing campaign.

5. Encourage more interactions
Online marketing relies a lot on social signals and the buzz that these can create. Likes and comments on your video posts as such, are very important. You are a lot likely to see a video with more likes, views and comments, rising high in organic search results. Do therefore encourage interactions; respond to comments especially if such comments elicit the need to respond. Do encourage shares and create a strong call-to-action that you can embed in the video.

These five tips are a great starting point. You may also consider running an advertising campaign for your video and including a video transcript optimized for your targeted keywords, especially if you post the said video on YouTube. Overall, these five top video marketing tips will help you get impressive search engine exposure so you can make the most of this rich marketing strategy.